NeurOptimal® neurofeedback simply promotes and facilitates the brain’s intrinsic tendency toward self-regulation, resilience and flexibility by giving the brain a mirror to see (hear) sudden changes in electrical activity. This brings the brain back to present which gives it an opportunity to self correct.


Using Neuroptimal® (non-linear neurofeedback) vs. Linear Neurofeedback. All systems other than NeurOptimal® require the practitioner to first make a diagnosis in some way, such as using past medical or psychological history, QEEG, (brain maps), or standardized testing to create a protocol-driven program.

NeurOptimal® simply  2 Feb 2017 An important premise of neurofeedback training is that our brains have the ability to In neurofeedback training, this is accomplished by pairing professionally to help people vs studying things I am really intereste What is the best neurofeedback system? Compare neurofeedback training equipment and learn why NeurOptimal® System by Zengar can be used for home  The NeurOptimal® proprietary neurofeedback system is a highly personalized brain training software that prompts the central nervous system to help make the   NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback gives your brain the information it needs through sound, so all you need to do is listen. You can lie back and relax, read a book or   17 Jun 2019 LENS stands for Low Energy Neurofeedback System and is a cutting-edge new Neurofeedback. LENS is considered “direct neurofeedback”  NeurOptimal Neurofeedback. Neuroptimal is a form of neurofeedback that provides training to reduce general dysregulations in the brain. While sitting in a quiet  NeurOptimal Neurofeedback Systems. 14K likes · 141 talking about this.

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Neurofeedback vs biofeedback. Now that you have some foundational knowledge about both neurofeedback and biofeedback, let’s compare the two further. Simply put, biofeedback is used as an umbrella term for any type of feedback-based training. Neurofeedback, on the other hand, is a very specific subset of biofeedback.

No protocol. No diagnosis.

NeurOptimal Neurofeedback® training is the natural, safe, and effective system of training the brain to grow more flexible and resilient. Our clients, both young and old, find improvement in their mental acuity, focus, and creativity.

All protocol-based neurofeedback equipment runs the risk of causing side effects, despite claims to the contrary. NeurOptimal® is the only professional quality, dynamical® approach (not protocol-based) on the market, and therefore does not run the risk of accidentally or inadvertently causing side effects in clients. NeurOptimal® was developed by Clinical Psychologists Drs. Valdeane and Susan Brown, Founders of Zengar Institute Inc. It utilizes an original Dynamical Neurofeedback® algorithm developed by the Dr. Brown, which is exclusive to NeurOptimal®.

Neuroptimal vs neurofeedback

NeurOptimal® neurofeedback simply promotes and facilitates the brain’s intrinsic tendency toward self-regulation, resilience and flexibility by giving the brain a mirror to see (hear) sudden changes in electrical activity. This brings the brain back to present which gives it an opportunity to self correct.

Neuroptimal vs neurofeedback

Brain activity is monitored and processed to provide feedback to the user in one of Dynamical Neurofeedback® NeurOptimal® fournit au cerveau l'information dont il a besoin au bon moment, pour qu'il s'auto-régule et qu'il s'auto-organise. Il agit comme un miroir ! -----NeurOptimal ® n'entraîne pas les fréquences du cerveau à être plus élevées ou plus basses, c'est pour cela que ce n'est pas une méthode linéaire. Il The music/movie plays continuously when the brain is running “on course” (whatever that course is for that particular brain) but as soon as NeurOptimal®detects that the brain has “veered off” its path or has become less stable than what it just was, feedback is provided to the brain via a very brief pause in the sound. NeurOptimal® (Non-Linear) Linear Neurofeedback: Expertise is built into the system. Your brain is in charge with NeurOptimal® Expertise required throughout the intervention- can be expensive: NeurOptimal® is 100% non-invasive and dynamically responds to each individua in real timel. Everybody can benefit with NeurOptimal®.

Neuroptimal vs neurofeedback

Susan specializes in assisting practitioners add NeurOptimal® neurofeedback as a powerful adjunct to the healing work they do with clients and has assisted dozens of practitioners integrate NeurOptimal into their private practices. buy Bundles All systems come pre-loaded with the latest NeurOptimal® 3 software and complete support throughout the lifetime of your Training. Special Offer: From March 1st 2021 (limited time) With the purchase of any new Professional or Personal bundle, Zengar® will be offering the choice between a: Complimentary Basic or Advanced Zengar®… NeurOptimal ® is the only Dynamical neurofeedback brain training system in the world. NeurOptimal®’s advanced technology is mathematically designed to communicate with the Central Nervous System. NeurOptimal® acts like a mirror, letting your brain know what it has just done.
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Neuroptimal vs neurofeedback

What conditions can be helped with neurofeedback?

What is a neurofeedback session like? How many sessions does it take for improvement?
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Neuroptimal vs neurofeedback

Here is the paradigm shift between NeurOptimal® Dynamical Neurofeedback® and linear neurofeedback. NeurOptimal® does not train (reward) the brain for going in a protocol-based direction. Instead the NeurOptimal® system is reading the EEG 256 times per second and detecting the changes in the rate of change in the EEG that signal that a shift in the brain’s dynamic flow has just happened.

This is not treatment. NeurOptimal® or Linear Neurofeedback? This chart on NeurOptimal®’s website compares the two and explains why each difference is important. The chart shows in more detail what I think of as the bottom line: NeurOptimal® gives your brain real time information that your brain uses to optimize itself.

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Like a dance, NeurOptimal® and the brain adapt to each other microsecond by microsecond, dynamically adjusting their steps based on what the other has just done. This dynamic perspective is extremely different from the other, traditional neurofeedback systems.

Schedule a Session in NYC. A NeurOptimal neurofeedback session range from $125 up.