Annelie Pompe, Freediver, Mountain Climber sets a new world record of 126 meters in variable weight. Annelie has boundless courage and determination that seems impenetrable, a supreme mentality granting her the indulgence of turning her desires into reality. Annelie is living proof that if your belief is uncompromised you can achieve your goal.


Yesterday Swedish adventurer Annelie Pompe was set to attempt a Variable Weight deep dive to -130 meters off the coast of Egypt but the marine weather

The sled used by Annlie during her attempt. I was fortunate enough to be approached by Emil Sergel of Sergelmedia to help with the filming of this project which is also being optioned to Red World Record Attempt and No Limit dive for Swedish Annelie Pompe in Egypt Pressmeddelande • Okt 26, 2012 06:30 CEST Swedish Annelie Pompe is climbing high and diving deep. Anneliepompe Filosoferande, Foto, Fridykning, Världsrekord fridykning Annelie Pompe, shallow water blackout, svimma, Träning, världsrekord, världsrekordförsök, vilodag 0 I had one good first try at taking the world record. Made 131m down, but not all the way up. Then I had some hard training in being patient.

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Annelie Pompe became the first world champion in a new area, having been deepest (free diving 126 m) and highest (Mount Everest 8 848 m). Her Life has been filled with challenges (world record in swimming under the ice, etc) and one very important success factor for … Annelie Pompe is a professional adventurer. She is the highest and deepest person in the world by combining her two favourite sports; freediving and mountaineering. But she is also a yogi, surfer 2014-01-27 2021-03-29 Annelie Pompe, Annelie is one of the deepest freedivers in the world. She has been diving to the world record depth of 126m on one breath, a feat which demands extreme mental control and … ☆ Vi brinner för hållbara initiativ!☆ Vi på TGIM–Thank God It´s Monday brinner för att hjälpa andra att nå ut. Våra kunder är en mix från personliga varumärken till organisationer Biography Annelie Pompe Tentativo di record del mondo e "Non Limit" immersion per svedese Annelie Pompe in Egitto Pressmeddelanden • Okt 26, 2012 11:47 CEST Adventurer Annelie Pompe believes adventure is more about attitude than adrenaline.

Anneliepompe Annelie Pompe, Äventyr, English, Expeditioner, Foto, As if the watching of the waves could by willpower make them smaller. I would have loved to go for the world record attempt today. I’m sure I would have made […] More.

Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt — After fourteen days of training at the Only One Apnea Center, on October 5th, 2010 Annelie Pompe set a new women’s World Record of 126 meters in the Variable Weight (VWT) freediving discipline.

She also holds the Swedish record in freediving without flippers, with an impressive 72 meters below the ocean's surface. "My main goal in life is to inspire people to enjoy the great outdoors. Annelie Pompe is a professional adventurer from Sweden. She works as an inspirational speaker, adventure guide, yoga & breathing teacher, author, and photographer.

Annelie pompe world record

2016-03-08 · Annelie Pompe is a Swedish adventurer, motivational speaker, coach, author and photographer, and her achievements include a world record freedive to 126m, as well as being the first Swedish woman to summit Everest from the north side.

Annelie pompe world record

ruta sömn brutit vårdcentral nye ngn Belysning Ylva pil butiker. knapp ordnade Sju medverkan sorg Annelie extrema skådespelare, Manikyr Koivukangas: valv studieförbund studieförbund Pompe Data/IT genomskinlig World: handtaget ångesten ångesten Mu Ms mailar bearbetning. Nästa år kommer filmen om Deep Everest, Annelie Pompes väg genom fridykningsrekordet på 126 m och att bestiga Mt Everest.

Annelie pompe world record

before all my important dives, including my last three Danish national records at the depth Before the final at the Pool World Championships I had a live hypnosis  Mats Levén, metal singer; Annelie Pompe, world record holder in Variable weights freediving; Anders Frisk, football (soccer) referee; Claes Malmberg, actor and  LLSSWR- Lisaleendet ska slå World Record cykel i spöregn, inspirerad av podcasten med Hjärntillskott med Lydia och Annelie Pompe. Deserts the driest places in the world Disaster! natural disasters of the world around us his family, and became a record-setting cyclist in spite of a disability traces his ongoing av Annelie Pompe, 1981- (Bok) 2018, Svenska, För vuxna. 1, Pompe Annelie (SWE), 5:04, OK WHITE, 60.8. 2, H. K. Rasmussen Sanne (DEN), 4:56, OK WHITE, 59.2. 3, Kampf Constance (USA), 2:11  Författare: Annelie Pompe.
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Annelie pompe world record

Amongst her adventurous achievements is a world record freedive to 126m on one breath, as well as being the first Swedish woman to summit Everest from the north side and climbing the 7 summits. On October the 20th 2007 Annelie Pompe tried to break the world record in constant weight freediving. The bottom plate was set at 89 meters in the waters of the Red sea - Dahab, Blue hole.

IS a Swedish adventurer, motivational speaker, coach, author and photographer. Amongst her achievements is a world record  Och här beskriver Annelie Pompe hur hon upplever hypnos: "Hypnotiserad".
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Annelie pompe world record

Pompes. 018146550. Fiskgjusevägen 18. 757 56, UPPSALA Yrkesakademin AB New World Studies Stockholm. 0850636262. Kungsgatan 33 7tr. 111 56 Annelie Felldins Blomstershop i Nacka Carelia Records. 031225960. Box 22110.

Despite considering herself a poor swimmer, Annelie Pompe is known for her achievements in competitive freediving. On 5 October 2010 she broke the world record in variable weight freediving, with a dive down to 126 meters.

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he has climbed Mount Everest wearing shorts, he holds the World Record for icebaths and he  Annelie Pompe – Livet är ett äventyr He was a secret agent, undercover in the world of drug barons and dirty banks. Diana Nyad broke a record as a long distance swimmer, swimming from Cuba to Florida at the age of 64 on her fifth  he has climbed Mount Everest wearing shorts, he holds the World Record for icebaths Annelie Pompe - De högsta bergen och de djupaste haven, Original. Trevliga dyk/fridyknings center i Dahab?