A group of LiU students has built a prototype of a robot intended to a group of three students the task of designing a concept for a robot for The three students decided that visitors to the museum should interact with AIDA using speech. Henrik Gréen investigates how new psychoactive substances act, 


8.6 Interaction The fifth element of the SECTIONS model for selecting media is interaction. How do different media enable interaction? The ‘affordance’ of interaction is critically important, as there is now an overwhelming amount of research evidence to suggest that students learn best when they are ‘active’ in their learning.

In this paper they compare 3 interaction / learning techniques to enable robots to use active learning. 1: robot queries every turn. 2: robot queries under certain conditions. 3: robot queries when prompted by the user Request PDF | Designing Interactions for Robot Active Learners | This paper addresses some of the problems that arise when applying active learning to the context of human-robot interaction (HRI). This paper addresses some of the problems that arise when applying active learning to the context of human-robot interaction (HRI).

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Combining Active Learning and Reactive Control for Robot Grasping O.B. Kroemer c, ∗∗, R. Detry d, ∗, J. Piater d, ∗, J. Peters c,1, ∗ a Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics, Spemannstr. 38, 72076 Tübingen, Germany b Université de Liège, INTELSIG ab,L Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Belgium Abstract Learning Proactive Behavior for Interactive Social Robots Phoebe Liu · Dylan F. Glas · Takayuki Kanda · Hiroshi Ishiguro Abstract Learning human-robot interaction logic from example interaction data has the potential to leverage “big data” to reduce the effort and time spent on designing interaction logic or crafting interaction content. and young learners steering linguistic interactions, for exam-ple through deictic points and naming salient features in the environment. This study aims to reproduce some aspects of word and meaning acquisition in young learners, and study whether a similar mode of interacting and learning can be reproduced in human-robot interaction.

Pattern them when designing robots that learn: endless patience, no risk of becoming tired Active learning is a form of teaching used in education aiming to increase student Index Terms—Active learning, human–robot interaction. I. INTRODUCTION rience with machine learning or robotics, we need to design algorithms and  1 May 2020 Designing effective autonomous service robots, however, requires human robot interaction, to full autonomy, without active human robot intervention. It involves machine learning, reasoning, natural language processi 1 Jan 2018 insights in the interaction design of active learning robots.

Designing interactions for robot active learners

I am currently a postdoctoral researcher at the division of Interaction Design within the I also work as a research assistant within child-robot interaction at University West. Currently, I am active in the EU project PLACED (www.placedproject.eu), Master of Education (M.Ed.)Teaching English as a Second or Foreign  In this paper, we study the behavior of teleoperators of mobile robotic organize themselves while engaging in social interactions. the authors considered body orientation as the primary cue and proposed a joint learning approach was used to design the hall, interiors, and tables, then it was imported.

Designing interactions for robot active learners

Human-Computer Interaction educates future leaders who study, innovate, and from engineering and computer science with applications in interaction design, user on AI, machine learning, robotics, electrical engineering, data science etc. Programme administrators, active student tutors and student support services 

Designing interactions for robot active learners

Robotic Ambassador Perhaps the most recognizable face of humanoids is that of Sophia, a social humanoid developed by Hong Kong based Hanson Robotics. In 2020, the AI-powered four-year-old robot is going to continue her role as a robotic ambassador, helping to advance research into robotics and human-robot interactions. Although some media or technologies are not inherently interactive, they can be explicitly designed to encourage interaction with learners. For instance, although a web page is not inherently interactive, it can be designed to be interactive, by adding a comment box or by requiring users to enter information or make choices.

Designing interactions for robot active learners

In: Active Learning for Natural Language Processing (ALNLP-09), held in Höök, Kristina (2009) Affective Loop Experiences: Designing for Interactional In: 4th ACM/IEEE international Conference on Human Robot interaction, 9-13 March  av G Fransson · 2020 · Citerat av 11 — With experimental research designs focusing on the usability of the HMD VR and users' experiences, it is often generally concluded that  Bodily Interaction; Natural Interaction; Human Motion Analysis; Active Motion For a long time, focusing on what users need has been critical for designing interaction methods. Sammanfattning : Imagine that a robot fetched this thesis for you from a book shelf.
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Designing interactions for robot active learners

Based on interactions, we can examine and then explain how and why active&nb A participatory design process of a robotic tutor of assistive sign language for children with autism Teacher-Learner Interaction for Robot Active Learning. S. A. Khader et al., "Stability-Guaranteed Reinforcement Learning for A. Drimus et al., "Design of a flexible tactile sensor for classification of D. Kragic och H. I. Christensen, "Integration of visual cues for active tracking of an end-effector," , s.

Designing Interactions for Robot Active Learners. IEEE T. … Designing Interactions for Robot Active Learners Maya Cakmak, Crystal Chao, and Andrea L. Thomaz Abstract—This paper addresses some of the problems that arise when applying active learning to the context of human–robot in-teraction (HRI).
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Designing interactions for robot active learners


This can be annoying to the user. In this paper they compare 3 interaction / learning techniques to enable robots to use active learning. 1: robot queries every turn.

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Most efforts in robot learning from demonstration are turned toward developing algorithms for the acquisition of specific skills from training data. While such developments are important, they often do not take into account the social structure of the process, in particular, that the interaction with the user and the selection of the different interaction steps can directly influence the

The robot explores its environment both via interactive learning and goal-babbling. Teacher-Learner Interaction for Active Learning Robots Service robots will be deployed in the future as general assistive devices in dynamic human environments like households, schools and hospitals. In order to be valuable and cost-effective assistants, robots must allow a wide range of customization, especially regarding their skills. Teachable robots: Understanding human teaching behavior to build more effective robot learners AL Thomaz, C Breazeal Artificial Intelligence 172 (6-7), 716-737 , 2008 In order to address the uncertainties during human-robot interactions, a unique parallel planning and control architecture is introduced in Chapter 2, which has a cognition module for human behavior estimation and human motion prediction, a long term global planner to ensure efficiency of robot behavior, and a short term local planner to ensure real time safety under uncertainties.