Select the right objective for your application from Olympus' broad line of objectives. Innovating high-performance objective solutions for microscopy needs.

Objective Selector. Filter, find, and compare microscope objective lenses with Nikon's Objective Selector tool. Objectives with different Angular Apertures (a) and Working Distances (WD). Objective A will have a higher NA due to the increased aperture size.

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1.0 NA  Microscope Objective Lens, Long Working Distance, 50x, 0.55 NA, 4 mm FL. Model: MLWD-50X  Microscope Objective Lens, 10x, 0.25 NA, 16.5 mm Focal Length. Model: M-10X   2X 0 15NA Ultra Compact Objectives used in optics and photonics applications are available at Edmund Optics. 2X, 0.15 NA, Ultra Compact Objective. TECHSPEC Adjustable ReflX Objectives are ideal for applications that require high throughput and excellent resolution. ✓ Shop now with Edmund Optics!

A high-NA objective typically contains a more complicated combination of various types of lenses of hemispherical, meniscus, achromatic doublet and triplet type. There are also reflective objectives, containing curved mirrors and no lenses. 2016-01-01 Nikon 40x 0.95 NA, tilt = 0°.

Navitar's HR Plan Apo Infinity Corrected Objective Lens Series includes magnifications of 1X, 2X, 4X, 6X and 10X. These lenses offer: More resolving power at a larger FOV - High NA design

Whether you work with histological samples, cell samples or whole organisms, different factors influence what the best choice of microscope objective … The NA of a microscope objective is important particularly concerning the following aspects: It determines how bright the observed image can be for a given illumination intensity. Obviously, a high-NA objective can collect more light than one with a low numerical aperture.

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2021-04-10 · Highest performance optics for confocal imaging A selection of high numerical aperture (NA) objectives are available, which provide chromatic aberration correction for UV to near-infrared. CFI SR HP Plan Apochromat Lambda S 100XC Sil

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Disclaimer. Objektiv optisk förstoring. 5X. Måltyp. Planera Achromatic Objective.

Na objective

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2014-02-20 The NA of such an objective lens is determined in accordance with a data density of a recording medium. For example, the NA of an objective lens of an optical pick-up for a CD (compact disc) is approximately 0.45. The NA of the objective lens for a DVD (digital versatile disc) is approximately 0.6. There might be a macro-objective out there with wide FOV while still retaining a decent NA. I know Nikon made a system called the AZC2+ which was a large area confocal.
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All lens designs can be customized for your application. Contact us to discuss your requirements. Custom Request Form.

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Types of Objective Lenses. The majority of compound microscopes come with interchangeable objective lenses, which have different magnification powers. This commonly includes 4x, 10x, 40x, and 100x objective lenses. Scanning Objective Lens (4x) Combined with the eyepiece lens, this lens will provide the lowest magnification power.

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